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Pre-Event Planning

Hosting an event requires comprehensive and thorough planning. We offer expert guidance in helping you select a venue, diagram the most effective layout, recommend entertainment options and assist with decor, photography and video services (should they be needed). Addressing your questions and concerns promptly and effectively along the way is how we get things done the right way.

Meeting onsite with the venue coordinator, creating a tentative timeline and constantly conferring with you leads to a successful and stress-free event.

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On-Site Coordination

Preparing and your affair and having everything set up and ready ahead of time is paramount in our view.

Once the party begins, we can make any necessary adjustments to assure a smooth running event that functions based on what is best for your guests at that time. We adapt to any changes from our timeline due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a late arrival) and never miss a beat.

For many events, experienced on-site coordination is the difference between a good party and a magnificent event.

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Venue Selection and Decor

Décor adds a special element to your event. Eric Silvey Entertainment works with you to select décor options that lend a festive touch to your party. Let your imagination run wild and create a fantasy world that reflects your unique vision. We specialize in creating the perfect ambience and mood for your event.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Decor

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Eric Silvey Entertainment has extensive experience designing and producing events of every size. Because of this, we can provide fabulous décor that will make your party a terrific success.

Based on the size of your group, the budget, desired ambiance, and preferred geographic location, we work with you to select the best site for your event. Our familiarity with a wide variety of available sites enables us to present you with an appealing venue for your affair.

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Based upon the nature of your event, we discuss the choice of bands, disc jockeys, interactive entertainers, etc., as well as the types of music that will appeal to your guests. Since your event is unique and distinctive, we create a customized entertainment program that enhances your guests’ enjoyment of the entire affair.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainers

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Although some people may not remember what they ate or drank at a party, or how the room was decorated, they almost always remember the entertainment.

We ask you specific questions to determine your entertainment needs. We then respond with creative solutions that tantalize and exhilarate your guests.

We are constantly adding new talent to our roster. And we always use state-of-the-art equipment and the highest-quality production values.

You are assured of getting just the right entertainment because we select from a truly wide range of experienced, enthusiastic, and carefully screened talent, all of whom love what they do. And you will too!

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Photography and Videography

Our photographers and videographers are highly experienced professionals who capture the energy and fascination of your event without disturbing your guests. We create beautiful images that will bring you joy for years to come. With our unobtrusive style, you and your guests might forget we're even there.


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